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Midsommar Meal: My Lazy Swedish Cheese Pie aka Västerbottenostpaj Recipe When You Don't Have Västerbottenost

Recently it was midsommar or midsummer (aka longest day of the year) - which is well and truly celebrated in Scandinavian countries - and rightly so! It is a fine thing to acknowledge that summer is well and truly upon us.  Particularly with Covid still causing havoc around the world, it is a reminder to celebrate with family and friends while we have the freedom to!  Having lived with a bunch of Swedish girls during uni, I like to think I am pretty well versed in the tradition, even having had the privilege to experience a magical " make-belief midsommar " and learnt how to make the beautiful flower crowns .  One thing I hadn't learned yet, was how to make the midsommar classic:  Västerbottenostpaj - translating to Västerbottenost (cheese) pie. Upon research I discovered Västerbottenost is a special kind of Swedish hard cheese: very tangy and moreish and described as a bit of a mix of parmesan and gouda.  Well I had never seen Västerbottenost at my local supermarket an

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